What types of files can be printed?

    Different types of files can be printed depending on what the user or the client wants. There are two ways an image can be constructed either it is a “vector image” or a “raster image”. Raster images are in more use since they use pixels but Vector images use geometric shapes for the construction of the image. The type of file format that is used also depends on what project the user is working on some of the printing files formats are as follows:

    1. PDF (Portable Document Format):

    PDF is one of the most common types of file format that is used in printing. PDF formats the application’s information or any data in some document onto the monitor of the recipient as it was intended. It is basically a product of Adobe.

    2. EPS (Encapsulated PostScript)

    It is used for large banners or for making large signs and then printing them. Since it gives the highest resolutions to the signs and illustrations, these files are also created in Adobe Illustrator or Corel Draw.

    3. JPG (Joint Photographic Experts Group)

    It is preferred for images, especially the small-sized images. Images sent in emails or websites are usually in this format. Although this format is very common but still it may lose some of the quality of the image when converted into .JPG format it is called as the “lossy Compression”.

    4. TIFF (Tagged Image File Format)

    This file format is used for high resolution images. It is standard designed for raster images. They use lossless compression which helps the image maintain its high quality. This format is used by professional photographers too.

    5. ZIP (very common):

    This common file format is used to compress one or many files in a single location together. They are used so we can easily transfer large data to someone without loss of any important file. ZIP files can be made easily on the computer by right clicking and compressing the files to a location. For the receiver, they must unzip the file first in order the access the data in it.

    6. GIF (Graphics Interchange Format) or PNG (Portable Network Graphics)

    GIF is used for images up to 256 colors. PNG is better than GIF since it allows more colors but GIFs are still more in use and popular for logos and memes on the internet.

    7. RAW files:

    This file format is used for raster images but it is not in use today since it is uncompressed and large in size.

    8. PSD (Photoshop Document):

    This File format is used for photoshops but usually not for printing since it is not always recognized so first, we further transform this format into TIFF before printing.

    9. Other types of files:

    Many other types of files can be used other than these but these 8 are usually more common and well known for printing. Depending on the demand of the user or the client and the quality of resolution required the file format is set and then used for printing.

    Keeping all these formats in mind PDF out of all is the most used globally.

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