What is the difference between a flyer and a brochure?

    You have probably heard both of these terms used on regular basis, in the printing world both of them are pretty common and used often by the small and big businesses but what are the basic differences between a flyer and a brochure? Read this guide to differentiate between a brochure and a flyer which almost look the same.

    Well, the basic difference can be seen when looking at the physical appearance of each. But both of them can also have different purposes.

    A flyer is an unfolded piece of paper that is used to promote an event or grab anybody’s attention quickly. Any product, idea or service can be promoted through a flyer. They are created in any sizes as required but mostly they are printed on 8.5” x 11” paper size. Mostly the main information is on one side and the other side is kept clean or empty. They are also commonly known as leaflets or circulars. They are printed in loads and most of the time on thin sheets since they are made for announcing a one-time event or date. The headings and the designs on a flyer should be eye-catching since there is not much information written except that. They are colored and printed in huge amounts and are given in hand more often. Flyer’s headings should be written to the point and must be catchy. If more information is provided in fewer words the better it is.

    On the other hand, brochures, which may look like flyers but are not to be confused with, are more convenient and reliable. They are printed on both sides of the paper and may consist of several pages. They are also folded as a C-fold or a double gatefold which gives brochures more room and space to divide different sections on the paper and print more information on it without looking overloaded. Multiple sheets combined together can also form brochures or sometimes referred to as pamphlets. Unlike flyers, they are printed on thicker paper and come in a variety of sizes (usually in A5 or smaller) and shapes depending on the purpose of the brochure. They also come in colored prints with UV coating over them which makes them more attractive. They cost more than a flyer due to their quality and quantity of them. Unlike flyers, brochures are not handed to random public but salesperson or some relevant public sometimes through the mail since they have a specific purpose and identity to attract some specific audience. The way to print a brochure is totally different than printing a flyer.

    Brochures are mostly used for marketing a product or any company containing a piece of brief information about them like the contact numbers, what the product/company offer or what part it plays in society.

    A Brochure or a Flyer can be used to showcase a product. For which a good investment in them is always a better option since they represent the quality of the product or your company. They both have different physical characteristics but they both are very important in the printing world and are being used for a long time.

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