Top 5 brochure design tools – all you need in one place

    This very commonly used piece of paper with a specific information is primarily made to introduce a company, a brand, a product or any kind of services that may be beneficial to the public, such document is called a brochure. Companies invest good money on brochures to make their product or organization public or get the attention of the people. Brochures can be made in different ways and software’s, and even designed differently based on the idea behind their making. The top 5 brochure design tools used around the globe are as follows:

    1.Adobe InDesign CC

    This is a page layout designing software. Main purpose of it is to make and customize flyers, brochures, presentations, books and eBooks. It is being used very commonly these days.

    Benefits: It has master pages (page templates), output packaging, standard designing tools, advance color management tools and advance font management tools. It is a very configurable workspace and easy to use.

    Weaknesses: It may be hard for beginners to use the steep curve when designing. It also has a high monthly subscription which maybe not affordable easily for student designers.

    2.Adobe Illustrator CC

    This is a go to app for the professional designers mostly since it has a different workflow than Adobe InDesign CC and can help create high end vector art.

    Benefits: It has many tools to it from which a designer can create fancy looking brochures and design them with more ease. Since it allows us to create vector art an illustrator who designs brochures can also design the art right there and print it on the brochures.

    Weaknesses: It can be confusing since there are a lot of tools to choose from. It requires a lot of patience and space and feels like using the Adobe Photoshop due to there similarities. It also allows limited support for the raster graphics.


    This is an open-source software for desktop. It also has many tools although it is not as powerful as the adobe software’s but considering its free to use it offers some good tools.

    Benefits: It has asset linking, its free to use, power layout tools and uses the industry based standard measurements for fonts and colors.


    Not as powerful as InDesign, steep learning curve and its not very user friendly.


    It is an open-source vector art making standard software.

    Benefits: Like Scribus, it is free. It offers high quality PDF exports, has standard measurements and powerful brochure design tools that are very helpful in designing.


    Doesn’t offer every tool required for making brochures although they are powerful.

    5.Microsoft Publisher:

    It has a lot of built-in templates for brochure designing some are even available online. It is very commonly used and is popular among the beginners who want to learn designing. (Brochure)

    Benefits: Included with Office 365, and the interface is familiar to many. Offers free templates as mentioned before and it is easy to use. Weaknesses: Has limited Functionality, not very professional for brochure designing.  

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