Customise Business card Printing online?

    A business card is an important medium to let people know about your business. If you want people to know more about your firm, and to feel comfortable getting in touch with you, they’ll need more than just an explanation of what you do.

    Custom cards don’t require a professional designer if your e-commerce firm is still bootstrapping or if cash flow is short.

    What questions should you ask before hiring a company to design, print, and mail your cards? You can start with a template, but how much of the design will have to be created from scratch? Where can I obtain cards, and how long will it take for them to arrive? What kind of paper will they use, how thick, and what kind of coating can be placed to the paper? ‘ There’s also the matter of money.

    This tiny piece of paper may have a huge influence, and it’s called a business card. A “perfect” business card does not exist, but it is possible to distinguish between those that function and those that don’t. So, how can you design a business card that is both eye-catching and stylish, while still conveying the greatest possible impression of your unique company? In order to get the “ideal” card, here are five criteria to keep in mind:

    1. Knowledge of your company

    The first step is to figure out what information is most important to your firm and the image you want to project. Would you like to add a catchy slogan?

    For a business card, attention to detail is critical. You should use a crinkle-resistant and robust card material for the foundation of your card. “pt” and “lb” are the most frequent terms used by printers to describe the thickness of paper. The most common thicknesses for thick cards are 15pt, 16pt, or 100lb (the higher the pt or lb, the thicker the paper).

    2. Design of business card

    “less is more” is generally the case when it comes to design. Simply using plain text with minimal embellishments and colours is far more effective than the alternative. You may add a little excitement to a card without going overboard by including asymmetry or colour. The name of your company can be raised or embossed, or the edges can be rounded to give the card an interesting appearance.

    3. The goal of the project.

    When it comes to your business card, whether it’s a plain black and white design or a bright one, make it stand out. Having a business card is essential since it serves as a concrete representation and reminder of your company’s identity.

    Templates for business cards can be found in the Jukebox.

    We recommend Jukebox to anyone who has designed their own business cards and merely needs them printed (for example, if they used Shopify free business cards).

    You may upload your designs and work with Jukebox’s printing team to ensure that the cards are printed exactly how you desire with a variety of card materials and speciality options like foil, painted edges, and sparkle. Your uploaded PDF can be checked for accuracy by a member of Jukebox’s printing team before you pay for your order during the checkout process.

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