Frequently asked questions regarding printing

    The concept of printing is not new. Hence, there are a lot of frequently asked questions regarding printing and some of them are addressed below.

    1.  Why is color separation used?

    It is a process by which the colored graphics and photographs can be separated into the primary components for the reproduction of printed images.  An example can be for an image having four colors to be generated by offset printers using four various plates, each plate having a single color for forming the image.

    2. What is meant by halftone printing?

    This type of printing is used for converting a continuous tone into a separate tone. The images formed have small dots that are spaced at equal distances. When the image is seen from a distance the image looks like one and the dots are invisible but when seen closely the separation of dots is more visible.

    3. Can white be called a color used for printing?

    Under normal circumstances, white is not considered a printing color because the paper on which the image is to be printed is white but if the image is to be printed on paper other than white in such a condition white can be considered a printing color.

    4. For booklets, catalogs and brochures what is the common size?

    There are four sizes that are used usually. They are 5 1/2″ x 8 1/2″, 8 1/2″ x 11″, 8 1/2″ x 11 and 11″ x 17″. For brochures  the size preferred is8 1/2″ x 11″, 8 1/2″ x14″ and 11″ x17″.

    5. What is meant by a bleed?

    For the movement on the guillotine about 3mm space has to be left beside the outline of the image so that when printing is done the colors of the image do not bleed and completely disrupt the flow or beauty of the image.

    6. What is CMKY purpose?

    It is known as four-color printing. This is the most widely used printing method and the four major basic colors are Cyan, Black, Yellow, and Magenta. These colors can be used in various combinations and make the image more attractive to the eye.

    7. Between Digital and litho printing, which is more advantageous?

    When a company prefers using a digital printer it does not require any films and the image can be printed directly from the computer. It is a rather quick and easy process and in a day your images can be dispatched to the client. For all this reason Digital printing is being the most popular form of printing. Now digital printing has become the most popular form of printing. Whereas, in Lithographic printing, the plate is coated and the ink binds to it as it dries and the image is formed after it is transferred to a rubber blanket and an impression is formed.

    8. What do you know about variable printing?

    In such a printing method the documents that are to be printed are personalized according to the requirements of the client. The basic steps of personalization of a document are that each document has its own name and address as per the client’s wishes but on a larger scale, the graphics, and material of the document can be customized.

    We have compiled some common frequently asked questions all about printing. If you’re interested to learn more you can visit regular Printing Tips news from our website.

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