How to edit business cards using Canva

    With a brochure, you have the ability to convey your brand’s narrative in ways that flyers and posters can’t. The cover is eye-catching, you have a strong body of products or services, and a powerful closing call-to-action that creates impact. In this article, we’re going to teach you how to edit business cards using Canva!

    When you hand someone your business card, they immediately feel more at ease since it shows that you are a part of a well-established company that is open to collaboration.

    All of these elements work together to ensure that customers or partners of your business or brand get a consistent brand experience.

    What about seeing how simple it is to create your own business cards?

    In addition to being free,’s business card templates are easy to use. Canva features a wide range of designs, ranging from the modern to the whimsy. In just a few minutes, you can design a professional-looking business card.

    Try this if you want to make sure your trifold is seen. Use a single vivid colour, like the one seen above, to design it. If you’re using your company’s colours, use the most vibrant one.

    Having a hard time believing in your abilities as a designer? Use a colourful texture to give your trifold some visual flair. Consider using it as the background of an interesting spread inside of your trifolds.

    Ingenious ways to draw attention to your card

    The images you put on your trifolds should be carefully selected. Ensure the quality of your photographs. Even if you can’t find the perfect combination of photos, Canva’s outstanding library offers hundreds of selections spanning practically every subject. Check it out if you’re still looking.

    You don’t have to put all of your trifold panels’ text in small, neat fonts. Make your brochure stand out by utilising bigger design components, such as this enormous number, alongside regular-sized font. It’s important to remember that larger-sized material will be highlighted. Make sure that the text you select to make big and bold has been carefully considered.

    Take a few risks and experiment with a variety of filters and photo effects. Make a cool colour filter like the one shown above using the colours of your company. Check out all of the other filters available in your Canva editor if the one shown here is a bit much for you. If you want to add a retro or ethereal atmosphere to your photos, you can use filters.

    For edit business cards using Canva application.

    1. Select “Business Card” design type in Canva.
    2. Select from a wide variety of professionally-designed templates available.
    3. Upload your own images or choose from over a million stock images in the third step of the process. If you have a company logo, feel free to use it.
    4. Fix your photos, apply gorgeous filters, and modify your text. Fonts, colours, and other elements can all be customised.
    5. When you’re satisfied with how your design looks, save it as a PDF. You can always have your business cards printed.

    This is how Canva can be useful for generating a business card.

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