Creative brochure ideas that will change your game!

    Maybe designing brochures is not that hard after all but since brochures are common for introducing or trying to get the attention of the people for an organization or a product what is something that will make your brochure stand out and attract the people. The more creative and decent the brochure is the more people are attracted to it. This includes good styling, proper use of color grading and fonts. Some of the creative ideas for a brochure which will for sure catch the eyes are as follows:

    First of all, it mostly depends on what type of brochure are you trying to make, is it for some product marketing? A brand? Or any organization? Is it a travel agency brochure?

    1. Creative Travel Brochure:

    Travel brochures are often handed to people but what makes them more attractive is the colors used. For a near forest or place with greenery one can use green colors. For a beach site or a frozen lake, one can use blue. Depending upon the cities once can search about them and choose the color that matches the vibe. The next and the most important thing is the use of pictures it is a must. The lesser the text used the better, you can use bullet points to give basic information about the place being travelled to. If it’s a travel brochure for Germany you can mention the big 3 cities and why should one visit them and what makes them unique, in order to get the reader’s attention. Each destination caters to different groups and attracts them accordingly.

    • Creative Event/Product Brochure:

    For an event we can use different imagery or maybe use the icons as your primary image, a full bleed image can also be used in the front or the end to make it stand out. For an event the information about the event and the timings can be presented in a timeline to make it attractive. Using brighter colors can give a friendly view about the event.

    Product Brochures can be made unique by providing a bullet point information about the usage of the product, how it is beneficial and what makes it unique. Good pictures of the product are a must since that’s the first thing one will see. The better the lights and quality the more professional it looks.

    We can make any type of brochure creative by using:

    • Bold fonts, colors.
    • Play with the shapes and angles
    • Create unique patters with layouts
    • Try cohesive color-blocking with filters
    • Dividing the design with color blocking
    • Put readers first
    • Use bold but simple statements
    • Try to make a good first impression
    • Present a logical pathway through the panels
    • Blend the colors and fonts
    • Use Statistical data (if it has any), it makes it more professional
    • Increase clarity with data visualization

    In the given ways we can make our brochures more creative and more unique. We have to keep in mind that what is that about our brochure that will make the reader take his time and read it thoroughly. This is exactly why we must invest good time in creating an idea and implementing it onto our brochures.

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